Hello Moscow Retreaters!

Here is some info on the 2019 Retreat From Moscow Rally from January 29 to February 1. This went out in an email, but nobody checks emails.

(1) Online Registration and Payment closes at Midnight Eastern Time on Saturday, January 27. Should your friend(s) want to register another car onsite or you miss the payment deadline, you can pay cash onsite during rally registration.

(2) SEND ME YOUR INSTAGRAM INFO. Most of you have already done this, but if you haven't: All scoring for the checkpoints is done via Instagram and it makes my life easier if I have your IG handle and follow you ahead of time. Register for Instagram if you need to and please send me the following via forum message or email (

Your Team Name
Your Car
Your Instagram Account

(3) RALLY START LOCATION. We will hold registration from 7 am to 9 am at AJ Auto Center at 1200 PA Hwy 435 in Moscow, Pennsylvania. Follow directions once you’re here, make an orderly parking lot, and have a bit of patience.

(4) RALLY REGISTRATION PROCEDURE. To finish your registration onsite for the rally, you will need your car's registration, your car's insurance card, driver's licenses for all people who will drive the car, and an Instagram account with your account name ("@something") handy. Here's the general procedure if you're unfamiliar:

(A) Turn into AJ Auto Center.
(B) Follow directions and park sensibly. Someone will hand you a registration form either before or after you park.
(C) Fill out your registration form.
(D) Wait until the Rally Judges inspect your car, assign you points, and take a few photos.
(E) Take the completed form to the registration table (probably inside the garage bay) along with the car's registration, car's insurance, and driver's licenses. Make sure you have a wristband on before you leave and please keep it on for the rest of the week. You'll need it at the Lane Motor Museum.
(F) Receive your folder with the Route Book and stickers. Apply stickers to your car as you see fit and read the whole route book, especially the first three pages.
(G) Hit the danged road as soon as you're done with steps A-F.

We’ve set up a concours judging/fun hangout at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville on the afternoon of Thursday, January 31. The Lane’s people are pretty excited to have us and have offered us a cash discount while we’re there. If you pay with cash, it will be $6 to get into the museum. That discount is cash only, in case I didn’t say “cash” enough. If you pay with a card, it’s full price ($12/adult, $8/senior). If we’re nice and don’t break anything, they’ll probably even stay open a minute or 10 later than their scheduled 5 pm closing time.

(6) WHERE/WHEN WE FINISH. We'll wrap up the rally in the 24 Hours of Lemons paddock at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds, Alabama. You will have to stop at the entrance gate but will be able to enter as part of the Lemons Rally and have free entry to the race paddock all weekend.

Awards will be around 5:30 pm, give or take, after we’ve finished up the 24 Hours of Lemons day. (If you’re super jazzed on museums, stick around Saturday to check out the Barber Museum. It’s an incredible place.) Barber is an uncharacteristically nice place for Lemons Rally, so please clean up after yourself.

Got questions about other stuff? Shoot an email back to me ( or to Steve McDaniel ( and we'll get you squared away.

See you in Moscow, comrade!

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons