Topic: Transmission Shop In the New England Area

Does anyone know of a good "racing" transmission shop in the New England/Boston area?  Someplace that has experience working on imports preferably Volvo's.  And "racing" meaning a place that understands the environment it will endure and can put in the extra effort to do it 100% right. 

I'm think the transmission in my 240 needs a rebuild and I am just looking for options.  I called a dealer and they won't touch it. 

I also looked into rebuilding it myself and the manual says you need half a dozen Volvo special tools.  So if anyone has experience with that let me know as well.

Moot Point Racing - 1991 Volvo 240 - #496

Re: Transmission Shop In the New England Area

Which transmission?  If the M46 the tranny proper rarely needs anything but the OD unit will need seals and cone clutches eventually (almost the same as the Laycock units used by Gear Vendors for RV's).  If the M47 you are are on your own. 

If an AW70/71...not much goes wrong with them unless the in radiator cooler leaks coolant into the tranny and then it is toast.  This is essentially the same tranny used in a ton of RWD Toyota applications including the pickups (RWD and got an OD button on the stick?  Good bet it is a A43D or A43DL). 

Not sure if any of that helps but Boston has possibly the second largest concentration of Volvo 240's per head outside of Portland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington so there should be someone to help.