Topic: Duff Beer Fashion Tip #27

Because my favorite thing to wear when wrenching on a crapbox is some other team's shirt:

We've got some professionally-made Duff Beer t-shirts, but they are generally expensive to have made. I wanted a cheap fast option so I could give some away.

I was reading Krylon's Fashion and Accessories Project Page (I get a little artsy-craftsy sometimes): … cessories/

So make a few stencils (I 3D print mine because I can neither draw not cut a straight line), get some old t-shirts from something else (or buy cheap bulk packs of plain white t-shirts from that lady in the booth at the fair grounds), a few cans of Krylon (It doesn't take much, a light spray actually works best), and make me some crappy DIY team t-shirts (I wear a 2XL). This is after some wearing and a couple of trips through the washer, so the paint holds up well:

Also, find me at the Duff Beer Bus or Trailer and I'll give you a crappy Duff Beer shirt.

Everybody grab your brooms, it's shenanigans!