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The Buttonwillow schedule page ( has a picture of Race 1 configuration. The last few years, we have run 13. Anybody know if that's o-fish-ul? Also, there is no mention of clockwise vs. counter-clockwise. Anybody in the know?

Team Safety Third will be there in the Kim Jong Elantra no matter what, in case this turns into a roll call.


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It'll be clockwise. They ran counterclockwise for one day many years ago, and Jeff Glen says he regretted that decision because the turn coming onto the straight (what we call turn 1 when running clockwise) had people over-rotating and then pointing nose first into the pit lane wall. Apparently he didn't like that.

I've offered my "it was so fun to run clockwise on Sat and CCW on Sunday...." but he wasn't enthusiastic about ever doing that again.

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That's the only configuration I've run during the last 3 years. I don't remember what the numbering scheme was.

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Difference between 13 and 1 is whether they take the sweeper at the end of the drag strip (13) or star mazda farther down at the end (1)   Lemons uses 13 and Lucky Dog uses 1.

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So 13 CW sounds like the consensus smile

Will be there in the tegtacle. We're still pretty new (this will be our second race) so please come by and tell us what we're doing wrong!

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They are running #1 - Star Mazda. I’m assigning the corner workers so I double checked today!