Topic: Scary Monster at Gingerman.

A scary monster ate half the corner workers. I fear going to sleep tonight cause I don’t want to get et’ up too.

Please warm up the clone vats and send more corner workers!

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Re: Scary Monster at Gingerman.

Lots of blueberry pickers out of work this time of year too

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Re: Scary Monster at Gingerman.

I saw a white flag poking out of a car door at the Turn 10 station on Saturday. I also missed having the flagger (and his apparently gigantic balls) at Turn 7 who wanders out in front of the flag station to keep an eye on us loonies.

Re: Scary Monster at Gingerman.

In the last half hour of racing, there was someone in the back straight holding a white flag wrapped around the stick up. I'm still not sure if it was a really crappy worker station or an overly enthusiastic spectator.

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