Topic: Lemons iRacing League, Season 2 Schedule!

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THU, May 7: Gladiator Thursday @ Laguna Seca
SUN, May 10: NO RACES: Mother’s Day
TUE, May 12: Trash Racing Tuesdays @ TBD
THU, May 14: Charlotte Roval: Thursday Sprints
SUN, May 17: Endurance: 2 Hours of Road America (Paid Track)
THU, May 21: Road Atlanta: Thursday Sprints (Paid Track)
SUN, May 24: Endurance: 2 Hours of Barber (Paid Track)
TUE, May 26: Trash Racing Tuesdays @ TBD
THU, May 28: Laguna Seca: Thursday Sprints
SUN, May 31: Endurance: 2 Hours of New Hampshire (Paid Track)
THU, June 4: Barber Motorsports Park: Thursday Sprints (Paid Track)
SUN, June 7: Endurance: 2 Hours of TBD (Paid Track)
TUE, June 9: Trash Racing Tuesdays @ TBD
THU, June 11: OFF WEEK
SUN, June 14: Endurance: More-Than-2 Hours of TBD
THU, June 18: League Sprints: Road America (Paid)
SUN, June 21: OFF WEEK for Father’s Day
TUE, June 23: Trash Racing Tuesdays @ TBD
THU, June 25: League Sprints: NHMS (Paid Track)
SUN, June 28: Endurance: 2 Hours of Road Atlanta (Paid Track)
THU, July 2: Gladiator Thursday @ TBD
SUN, July 5: Endurance: Daytona/Florida Man Freedom Run (Length TBD)

Trash Racing Tuesdays (Every Second Tuesday): Some kind of anti-racing event designed to abuse iRacing’s intended purpose of simulating Real Racing™. What kinds of events? We ain’t tellin’ until the day of the event. Keep it exciting, y’know?

League Sprints (Thursdays): A continuation of Season 1 of Lemons iRacing. In other words, it vaguely resembles multiclass sprint racing.

Sunduros (Sunday Endurance Events): Multi-driver and multiclass team racing for races lasting 2 (or more) hours. You’ll have to find a friend or a co-driver, at least, to run these. For the races longer than 2 hours, expect a three-driver team, minimum.

Gladiator Thursday: Mad Max or Gladiator-style no-rules racing, followed by a No Pedal/No Wheel Invitational. Held “between seasons” for the League Sprints to help y’all remember not to take any of this too seriously.

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons