Topic: Lemons iRacing League - May 14 Schedule/Info

Good morning! The sessions are set up for tonight's sprint races. We liked the ease of the Heat Racing format last week so much that we've decided to make that the setup for Thursday Sprints, as well. The sessions are comprised of a 30-minute practice, a 24-minute race, a 20-minute warmup/practice, and a second 24-minute race. No eliminations, everybody transfers from Race 1 to Race 2; this just keeps you from having to jump into a second lobby for a second race.

Please note: You must join the session before the end of practice. You also will not be able to rejoin any sessions after you Withdraw (although dropped from server, you should be able to get back in). TL;DR - Show up on time, don't ragequit.

Vehicles/Classes: Ford Mustang FR500S (A), Legends Car (B), Global MX-5 Cup (B), VW Jetta TDI Cup (B), Pontiac Solstice (C), and Mazda MX-5 Roadster (C). iRacing's janky-ass interface doesn't allow custom classes to be built in the same Beta UI tool used to design Heat Races, but we thought two races in one lobby was worth that trade-off. On the track and in-game timing, the classes will be wrong. However, it won't be any more confusing than Meatspace Lemons™ in that you won't necessarily know who you're racing all the time. TL;DR - Just have fun and race who's around.

Black Flags/Penalties/Damage: We're back to some vague attempt at officiating this week. Two Black Flags warnings; you are likely to get tossed after that. Don't be a douche. This is not Mad Max racing.

No official Silly Hats Only race tonight, but please feel free to use your Silly Hats setup for extra-bonus awesomeness.

Session Start Times:

9:00 pm ET: Heat Races A - Practice (30 min.), Race 1 (24 min.), Warmup/Practice (20 min.), Race 2 (24 min.)
9:40 pm ET: Heat Races B - Practice (30 min.), Race 1 (24 min.), Warmup/Practice (20 min.), Race 2 (24 min.)

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons