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Topic: Costume Contest! Deadline Sunday Nov 1

Thanks to my wife, I have a super-generous son. He wanted to do something to "help save halloween" so a month ago and COMPLETELY on his how, set up a simple website to host an online Halloween Costume Contest. He used his own money to order some awards for the winning costumes and is just hoping he's going to get some more entries before the Sunday deadline. I told him that people will probably submit photos that they take when they put on the costumes on Halloween.

That's where you all come in:

Take a look at the website and please consider sending him a pic of a family-friendly costume. There's no age limit so if you don't have kiddos, adults can play too.

Here's the link. Feel free to share it with whomever.


[he's no tech guru and the website is kinda klunky, but I'm very proud of him and just hope he gets a few submissions as a reward for his efforts and generous spirit]

Re: Costume Contest! Deadline Sunday Nov 1

Just seeing this. For sure gonna participate. Can’t wait to dominate costume contests like we dominate racing.

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