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Topic: US 95 Highway tour...

I've been planning to drive this route solo, because I assume no one else is stupid enough to do it.

US95 is a notable highway, on the original 1925 National Highway plan (1925 was for driving what 1995 was for the internet), and still more or less on it's original alignment, reaches from Mexico to Canada, and interestingly, does not pass through any "major cities" except Vegas which wasn't, once. Desert to mountains.

US395 ends in Victorville, 90 mi or so from LA, so that seems a natural return leg, to make a 3000 mile loop. US95 starts in San Luis AZ.

May not be actually able to loop through Canada, what with the covid'n'shit.

Obviously biased to the lower left end corner the US where all the nuts and fruits fall off the trees and collect in a pile.

I don't know why I'm posting this really. Route suggestions? There's probably already enough of those. I must be feeling cooped up or something.

I went through this route turn by turn, beginning to end. I have an unhealthy obsession with maps.



Re: US 95 Highway tour...

Drove the Marsing to Winnemucca section heading South coming back from Glacier Nat'l Park. Really nice roads in Eastern Oregon. Always love driving the old roads, way more interesting than the Interstates. Have fun on your trip.

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Re: US 95 Highway tour...

I’ve kicked around the idea of making free one-day rally itineraries, having standing Lemons Rally routes available for whenever, or just pointing out awesome roadtrip roads. I haven’t had the time or energy to finish those thoughts, but as another avid map guy, this is awesome.

See also: US-83 from Brownsville to Middle of Nowhere, ND. The biggest city on it is Abilene, which is like 120,000 people.

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