Topic: Old pics of Thompson and Louden

Hi all.

I threw up a website for my photography that includes a bunch of pics from previous years at Thompson and Louden. Seeing as there's a dearth of pics this year thanks to covid I thought I'd stick up here along with a couple of larger galleries for shits and grins. There's some fun stuff here because it rained buckets. I got very wet.

These are all from 2018 and before.

Bigger albums here:

...or here: … 6f54c04c19

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Re: Old pics of Thompson and Louden

Hey Toast,

                Thanks for that first link. That was the last race as a team in the 101 and even more amazing is you caught Rich racing for us. This was his official last race ever... :-(

I like how you got me water balloning Darby in Yuri's Opel after they just won Class C. I have a story about that next race we see each other at ;-)

Great to be able to look through these :-) thank you

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