Topic: Flashing gauges and idiot lights?

I don't have enough talent to pay attention to the gauges and not run into things. I try my best to remember on the straight to look at temps but i get distracted cheering for the speedometer to break 90. I dont know how anybody gets to Charlie 85. I cannot do it.

To make up for my shortcomings i am hoping to install a gauge or idiot light that flashes brightly when the auto transmission temp gets too high. O yeah shifting and driving is too hard for me too.

I've found the AEM 30-0302 or auto meter 5658 would both do what I am looking for but at $200 a pop im curious if somebody has worked out a cheaper solution?

Re: Flashing gauges and idiot lights?

We are VERY well instrumented, we have gauges for oil temp, coolant temp, and cylinder head temp (plus voltage and A/F ratio).

We also have several idiot lights, for:
Low coolant level
Low oil pressure
High coolant temp
High cylinder head temp

The cylinder head temp idiot light is a $4 temp switch that closes at 220deg F wired to a large LED bar lamp from tractor supply,  but they make the temp switches for lots of different temps. … 5M/5409397

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Re: Flashing gauges and idiot lights?

Sorry, I'm just chuckling about a digikey part out of stock, because that's been my life for the last few months.

There are tons of cheap gauges out there, most work well enough. If you want an idiot light you do just want a sender like RSB said. There's a million options, but start here and pick one that trips at the temperature you're looking for. Then just wire it up to some big annoying light. … emperature

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Re: Flashing gauges and idiot lights?

I've found something like theses work well for idiot lights. … mp;sr=8-17

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Re: Flashing gauges and idiot lights?

I've like the longacre ones... a few of these should work great for you. It's nice because they blink to attract my attention. … ing-Lights

I will personally pick a couple of them and daisy chain them so that when any of the switches ground then the light turns on. I prefer having just one single light that says "somethings messed up here, stop"

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I bought a couple of these and wired them to the oil and coolant pressure senders. They aren't kidding about the 110 DB - I should be able to hear them through a helmet and over the wind and engine noise. The strobe also helps attract attention...