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Topic: Cage question

I have a Civic I got for free that formerly raced Lemons about 8-10 yrs ago before a blown motor. I know it needs updates- but I hope y’all can tell me if this cage union is still legal. Also included is a pic of the car if anybody recognizes it from racing in the Northeast.




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Re: Cage question

Yeah, no. You'll need to redo this. I don't think this joint was ever legal, or at least wasn't legal by 2010 when I first read the rules.

Might be able to salvage it by carefully slicing the front part off pretty much at the welds, and bending the halo in at the tips, but I'd just start over from the main hoop forward.

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Re: Cage question

That doesn't look like it will pass tech. I've been racing in the Northeast for 15 years and don't recall seeing that car but my memory is not the best. You can email Pagel for formal clarification but if the car is "free", I would invest in a new cage. The rules have changed since 2010 but not a lot on the cage side. The biggest thing I remember is the addition of passenger door bars.A fire suppression system will also be required.

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Re: Cage question

Yikes, that looks scary. We also looked at a really cheap Kia that ran in Lemons in the early 201X's, apparently twice, but we saw sketchy cage work comparable to this. I doubt what we saw, or this, was ever legal but I can't help but wonder if inspectors were looser back then. Surprised people were comfortable with racing in these cages, even if they did pass tech.

Hows the rest of the cage, are the welds OK? If everything else looks okay, I would consider pulling it down and trying to notch and meet as they should be. You wouldn't be able to get a proper tube bender in there, but you might be able to fit a pipe bender. I've bent cage tubing in a pipe bender by tac welding the tube at the kink point to the mandrel. Gives nice kink-free bends if you do this trick. If you ask John, any of the inspectors, or a good cage builder, they'd advise to start over.

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Re: Cage question

Cut the roof off. Remove the doors, hatch so you can get to all of the cage. Strip all the rust off and take a look at the welds. If you have anybody local that does cage work have them come by and take a look.

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Re: Cage question

NOT AN ENDORSEMENT! But Pagel has previously allowed a cage with that design before, but I do NOT know all of the factors involved in that decision. It was actually hereon this forum that he made mention that it COULD be acceptable, which is why I remember it.

It was years ago and that design certainly is NOT best practice.

I only post this to prevent that team who originally made that cage or the tech inspectors who allowed it into a race from being lambasted unfairly.

So, Yes that design has previously been approved to run in Lemons (rightly or wrongly). And B: Don't expect it to fly nowadays.

Remember, stock car seats were once allowed to run if you welded the reclining mechanism...