Topic: Halloween Meets Gasoline Trophy - $1,000 and a Trophy!

Damn straight, you read that right. From the press release:

Going fast is easy. Making a Toyota into a space shuttle or changing an engine while dressed as a chicken is hard. That’s why for ’22 forward, Lemons is adding a Halloween Meets Gasoline Prize to each race: A trophy + $1000 cash for the team rocking the most excellent theme / costumes / car build all weekend.

The Halloween Meets Gasoline Prize works just like it sounds: Be creative, have fun, make Lemons laugh, and you’re entered. The crapcan-endurance series’ (not very) genius staff of (not terribly) sober judges and (not all that organized) organizers will (in no way scientifically) pick a winner each race, then hand over a G and a trophy at the award ceremony.

Read it here, ask away with your questions and several of you have a race left this year to practice for next year. It's already in the Rulebook under 1.5, as well. Cheers!

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons

Re: Halloween Meets Gasoline Trophy - $1,000 and a Trophy!

Pretty awesome!  I'll bet it motivates teams to up their theme-game.