Topic: Cheapish standalone ignition systems

We are wanting to swap our 2.0L escort engine to motorcycle carbs and was wondering what ignition systems we could use. We would be getting rid of the MAF and other FI stuff. Would a normal MSD 6al type box work? Would like to utilize the stock coil pack if we could.


Re: Cheapish standalone ignition systems

you need to get a system to trigger the coil packs. There is few available. 6al not going to work.
I think I saw something with a guy who did similar to a 4ag motor in his MR2.
it would be in his earlier videos
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Re: Cheapish standalone ignition systems

You need to find a digital ignition that is programable and that can make use of your factory crank position or cam position sensors. It'll take some work, but in the long run worthi it.

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Re: Cheapish standalone ignition systems

I have a Holley Annihilator system that is sitting in my garage. It should work for you if you're interested.
I think with the way you are looking to go, you'll need a system like this that can be set up for a carb set-up and is programable
I was to use on my mustang but went to FI from a carb set up

It is not letting me post links, but if you plug Holley Annihilator into your search engine of choice, you will find some info

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