Topic: C4 vette with 292 six?

If I understand correctly, the old chevy straight 6 uses the same motor mounts as a SBC.  Is there room for a straight 6 under the hood of a C4 Vette?  Am I crazy to think about this build?

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There is a fair amount of room under the hood of a C4, I’m going to be working on mine tomorrow… particular measurements you’re concerned about? I think the hood is going to need to be modified, that six is fairly tall…

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Re: C4 vette with 292 six?

I believe bellhousing pattern is also the same as SBC.  When the powerglide failed in my 250 Nova, a TH350 from an SBC bolted right up

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Re: C4 vette with 292 six?

You are Crazy! ........You will fit right in with the crowd!
This is an epic idea. Most small block stuff bolts to the back of a 6 cylinder chevy.
Hood height might be an issue, easily solved with a sawsall.
Where are you located? Maybe some Lemons veterans can assist!


Re: C4 vette with 292 six?

This is an excellent plan.

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I love this idea. It reeks of silliness The tightest part will be front to back inside the engine compartment. I think there will be room but budget for things like pushing electric fans on the radiator. That will save space on that side of the engine to make room for the extra cylinder of length.

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