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Topic: [Resolved] Maybe NOT a tow vehicle, but at least now it runs & drives

I'm going to collect a 1-ton Express ('01), and I'd like to pull a hitch for it while I'm there, so that I can rent a U-haul transport and tow back the vehicle I'll be driving there. I know, last minute request - story of my life.

I have a drill and Cobalt bits to make holes, but I can't fit the hitch that's currently on my Express mini-bus in the vehicle I'll be driving.

Or maybe does anyone know where I can park it until I can return with parts (or a different vehicle) next week?

"Neighbor.com" is a less than helpful SPAM machine.

Hitch receivers here are $20 at my favorite U-Pull-It...

Re: [Resolved] Maybe NOT a tow vehicle, but at least now it runs & drives

Hey, what's up!
Maybe I could help...
There is a self service salvage yard 45 minutes west of me, about one hour south west of Boston:


big place....I go there sometimes...for whatever reason, I love to browse there...the scavengers like me are always nice, and will help me out, and borrow tools....and it just feels like a big, adult Easter Egg Hunt!!!

If you need to use my driveway to park for a few days, that's fine, I'm approx. 1 hour south of Boston
And I'm down to 6 cars in my driveway right now....

(be careful though, hitch receivers on cars are usually so rusted on that they are nearly impossible to remove....I tried once....and gave up....)

Seriously, if you paid for the thing, and want me to pick it up for you and keep it in my driveway, I might have time...might be good to have it insured though

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Re: [Resolved] Maybe NOT a tow vehicle, but at least now it runs & drives

Thank you very much for the offer; I've just resolved parking. There was a place with one spot that just opened, which happened to be only an hour walk from where I parked the vehicle I drove to get here (to Wrentham).

I finally got it running, filled engine fluids, moving, and the mouse debris vacuumed out. So now, just paperwork to finish, then a return trip to collect it.

There are two problems, 1 critical:
  1.  I don't yet know the _range_ of the vehicle on one tank full; the first picture hints why...., and

  B:  Because of the configuration, a hitch will have to be custom.

And I did find a PnP in RI.

Pic links:
Back:        https://i.postimg.cc/5tqnms4n/20220316-180705.jpg

   Inside:        https://i.postimg.cc/zBzp2T35/20220316-180714.jpg