Topic: Pitt Maneuver 2022 Entries & Tech Times (PittRace)

New teams coming in hot with some QUALITY new heaps: Buick LeSabre, G-Body Cutlass, and Subaru Forester. We also have THREE teams of students driving Ford Panther platform cars, all three Saturn Twin-Cam models (SC2/SL2/SW2), and TWO FREAKING DODGE OMNIS when we hadn't ever had even one as of a year ago. Also a Very Special Fiero™, a Stellantis-badged Charger, the returns of the Voleex and the Escudon't, and two mega-swapped 1960s Fords. [Click here for better-resolution image.]

Tech Times are assigned here. Don't whine about your tech times, they're assigned automatically by date you paid. Want an earlier tech time next time? Make a payment today!

And here's your Excel version of the entry list if you're a spreadsheet nerd like me.

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awwww.....We aren't bringing a Saturn to this race.

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1974 AMC Javelin - Oscar's Trash heap - IOE,”Organizer's Choice" and "I got Screwed" award winner

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37000000 rubliv! moya dupa!

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