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I've been playing around with Assetto Corsa recently trying to recreate my MX-3 and I had an idea - why not add more Lemony cars and recreate entire Lemons races? Starting Friday (tomorrow), I'll be hosting races in the week before every Lemons event at the same track and layout (if I can't find the track for Assetto Corsa, I'll have a poll for which track should substitute for the real one). If we get enough drivers, I'd love to have a signup for everyone to bring whatever car they want (as long as it can be found on RaceDepartment), but to start I'll be picking a class A, B, and C car for each race. I plan to move the date to Tuesday or Wednesday so folks driving in the real races can join the fun and preview the track, but because I came up with the idea only last weekend decided to do it Friday for this week.

Join the Discord for more details and voice communications during the races!

Assetto Corsa isn't as straightforward to set up as iRacing (especially when using third party content, which will probably be most of the cars and tracks for this series), so I'll try to help anyone who's having trouble. There's a channel for that in the Discord.

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I forgot to announce this week's race (though there is no freely available Thunderhill circuit, so it was elsewhere anyway). Next Wednesday at 8:30pm CDT we're going to High Plains for a one hour race! Join the Discord for details!

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Dope, I will try to join for sure!
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