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I have been searching the forums and haven't seen this covered recently enough that I trust the old advice to comply with the new rules:

I'm a big dude- 6 foot, 44 inch waist, thighs big enough to make buying pants that fit hard. even when I had a 36 inch waist, I couldn't fit in a normal seat because of them.

So what's the compliant seat for a big dude?

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Uktrashield has bigguns.

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Re: Seats for a big dude

Kirkey Series 65 road race seat comes in an 18.5" which should  do the trick.

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Re: Seats for a big dude

Hey Zac,

I have a Kirkey biggun at my shop in Radcliff. I'm going to be there in a couple weeks. You can swing by and try it on for size before you buy one.

It's the aluminum sort of containment type seat with a very thin cushion, but it will give you an idea on the fit width wise.

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Re: Seats for a big dude

I have that 18.5" Kirkey.  I’m 5'10" 270 lbs and works fine for me. I would not want it any wider. You might have to mount it off center toward the right to have room for your cage.


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Dunno how long your torso is, but I'm 6'5" and 285lb with similar waist. I couldn't safely race in our
Kirkey 45 RR Containment without some mods. Basically, I have the torso for 6'7" and legs for 6'3".
The head containment "wings" were just too low, so if I got into it they pressed on my
shoulders like a vise, and there was no quick way for egress. So we cut the uprights
and extended them by about two inches to get me to fit. It still works fine for the "racecar
driver" sized team members. We also installed the seat on sliders with some incline so they
could see over the steering wheel. They also use a bit of padding in the seat so they don't
rattle around in it. I think ours is a 16".

On thing I noticed a few years ago...I had to race a car with a very narrow seat (for me) and
when I sat in it at the garage I couldn't see how I could possibly spend 1-2 hours driving in that seat.
What I discovered was that once I was suited and booted, and out on the track, I didn't even notice it.
Of course, YMMV, but if our current car had an 18.5" seat my teammates might as well be racing
on a bench seat.

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Don’t know if it helps but jegs has a momo Daytona XXL almost 50% off

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Momo XXL … IcAfD_BwE#

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OMP WRC-R XL is a good "big guy" seat.