Topic: In car noise cancelling comms?

My daughter and I plan on joining the Fall Failiage event this year.  We will be using my Lemons race car which is pretty loud with no carpet and all the sound deadening removed.  Any tips on helmetless headsets/systems that will allow us to listen to music and talk to one another without the constant engine/road noise?

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Re: In car noise cancelling comms?

I find that having full tailpipes does what's needed....

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Re: In car noise cancelling comms?



Over-ear headsets … 6000-c.htm

That's the sure fire way to do it. Lot of wires involved though.

Couple alternatives might be: … ast_sto_dp … /rw-h30-dt

No experience with either, but both seem like they'd fit the bill. Not sure if the Rugged Radios headsets have audio input though.

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Re: In car noise cancelling comms?

I have a nice pair of Beats Studio 3 headphones I bought for music listening, that are just great in the car. Bluetooth to the phone. In my open roadster the noise-cancellation doesn't work well because of the wind, but the over-ear is enough to change a drive from grueling to comfy. Battery life is crazy good, like 15 hours per charge.

Any over the ear/full coverage bluetooth headphones would work probably.

Re: In car noise cancelling comms?

Decent/comfortable earplugs under the headsets will help, at the price of probably being (technically) illegal.

But, at least when riding motorcycles, earplugs made sense both to cut fatigue and made it _easier_ to hear the surrounding traffic through the wind noise.

YMMV, etc.,

Re: In car noise cancelling comms?

I used a pair of loaner Tuff Lite from Sena, when my wife and I ran the 427 on southern heaps.  With open side pipes and no top for 2400 miles, they where fantastic.  They noise cancelled, we could both blue tooth our own tunes, intercom to each other, and take phone calls.  Most amazing part, without exaggeration, I could be heard clearly on the phone, even at 80mph, side pipes and the top down.