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Looking for ideas on how people make adjustable seats with the rules saying the back of the seat needs to be mounted to the cage and having multiple drivers with height difference without having to have mounting brackets for each driver.

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Read section 3.6 again. Every legal seat I've seen was manufactured to be mounted at the bottom of the seat.

If the floor is compromised in some way (or you'd just like the stronger, safer option) what I have done is extend cage structure underneath the seat area. If you need more than 6 inches of adjustment, make an adjustable seat back brace.

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Me and my wife have almost a foot difference in our hight so I wanted to see what people have made for adjustable seat back braces so I can be prepared as I’m getting ready to start the cage in the car and this is the first time I have built one to accommodate for multiple divers with seat back braces rules like or the 6 inch limit of rule

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Sliding seats get used all the time. The rules do not say that the brace must be hard mounted to the seat, only that if your particular seat calls for a permanently mounted brace, follow the instructions. Otherwise, you must have something within 6 inches of the seat back to stop it failing backwards.

We have a seat on sliders, and we have a seat back brace with a large plate on it mounted behind. We have a few holes in the brace tube so you can pull the pin and move it if required. We've since found a happy medium where our tallest driver basically drives with the seat just touching the brace, and our shortest sits forward but the brace is within 6 inches, so we don't have to play with it during pit stops.

We are using this style brace.

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Seat back brace and mount the seat sliding rails so that the seat goes up as it moves forward.  Seat back does not get mounted to cage, just mount your seat per manufacturers method to floor.  If you use sliding rails, make sure they lock on both sides.  The 'How to not fail Lemons tech' guide has an example.

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+1 on rb92673's advice.

Here's our custom seat mount, it bolts directly into the OEM holes.

We used this slider :

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Seat bases from 5th generation mustangs 2005-14 have a pretty low profile mechanism that gives you fore/aft and ratcheting height adjustment.

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