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Topic: Road Atlanta Emergency supplies

Posting in advance of the race since we don't check the forums at the race.  At Atlanta, Half-Fast Racing will have:

Our engine hoist
Alignment plates
An extra safety harness
An extra fire suppression tank
An extra fuel wagon, fire extinguisher and drip pan
Spare kill switch, wires (heavy and light gauge), & assorted electrical connectors/splicers/etc.
Copper and aluminum washers
Extra jack and jack stands
Spare fluids: oil, gear lube, ATF, pwr steering, brake fluid, etc.
Extra radio
Sheet aluminum, two cheap riveters and assorted rivets
A butt load of spare parts for VW New Beetle/Mark 4 platforms, and some VW/Audi/Porsche tools (like the rear brake tools and triple box wrenches).

And a giant coffee maker: stop by for free coffee.

We also have a nurse (RN) on the team and a decently stocked first aid kit for smashed thumbs, scraped knuckles, mild exhaust pipe burns, or other mild to moderate injuries that are not really bad enough to need a trip to the ER.

Re: Road Atlanta Emergency supplies

I think my spare/used Pegasus kill switch ended up in your trailer, Stan. I am not married to it. Happy that you are bringing so much good stuff to support the other paddock rats.


Re: Road Atlanta Emergency supplies

I can mail it, or you can pick it up at Barber.