Topic: 86 Honda Accord EV conversion - rolling science project - free

So, I have a rolling science project that I used to test four different battery chemistries, three different battery management systems, three different climate control systems, and the like.

The car body is probably completely worthless unless you happen to have a 86 accord you need parts for, but all the glass is intact and it's had some performance parts and suspension tuning done. But, it has so many holes, welded brackets, and the like after being repeatedly woven through with network and instrumentation cable that I wouldn't plan on using it for anything.

However, the motor is pretty nice - 41kW continuous water-cooled 3-phase - and the inverter is acceptable if a little underpowed at 100kW. The charger is also fairly nice - a PFC-20 beta. The motor is mated to a stock 5 speed Accord transmission. It still has the battery pack that I used to move it around between test runs - lead acid - but it's completely and totally dead - ran when parked, but has been sitting for 10 years.

Anyway, it's sitting in a storage locker in Seattle and it's free to a good home. You'll need to bring a trailer and a good winch. I have a flat tow bar for it but I wouldn't trust it for more than moving it around the lot.  Will also provide a laptop with the software for programming the inverter.

You might find the bits useful if electrifying another car, or in the unlikely event that you are racing a Honda Accord here's a opportunity to get some free parts.

You can see pictures of it - with the nickel-zinc battery pack but the stats for the lead-acid pack- at