Topic: Lemons wind tunnel open, aritcle!

ok, not Lemons, but Honda in Ohio
But interesting article … 0fa867ed68


would be neat to visit and tour....maybe on a Lemons Rally??

and the best part of the article is!!!!!:
". There’s an e-mail contact link we were even tempted to click, but the cash we need to muster for a day’s rental is surely steep. Looks like we won’t be wind testing the aero mods on our Lemons racing project car any time soon …"

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Re: Lemons wind tunnel open, aritcle!

We're trying to negotiate testing our car on the road course / vehicle dynamics course at TRC (transportation research center) in Marysville, Ohio. It's all located around the same place with Honda's HQ right there.

Hopefully road testing is a bit easier on the pocket books, but we'll see.

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