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The Rocky Mountains are absolutely one of my favorite drives.  My wife and I are very much looking forward to it.  Our car of choice is none other than the greatest sports car ever built in the entire world!  It comes with 4 pages of documentation of authenticity from carfax.  There might have been mention of a brief off road excursion, totaling the car 20 years ago.  With a salvage title the car continued to go from owner to owner, until it finally settling in Florida.  Although made of fiberglass like many boats, it didn't float when hurricane Ian came through.  Now it is all ours!

PS Anyone in Denver who wouldn't mind accepting shipping and a short period of storage before and after the rally, please reach out to me.

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Re: Rocky Mountain Breakdown

I am nowhere near Denver, so I can't offer a temporary home for your rare exotic supercarboatthingy.  big_smile 

I'm bringing the daily driver (El Borrego) on RMB, as I'm headed to southern Utah and Moab to do some BLM road exploring the day after the rally ends.  (More overlanding than rock crawling--I don't have a rig for that yet.)  There will be stops en route, and hauling a few things across the country.  Makes no sense to add 40 hours/2500 miles of driving just to drive a turd in the rally only to turn around, go back home, and drive out to essentially the same area again immediately thereafter.

If I don't sell it for scrap, I may revive the dead car in the back yard for Rust Belt (it might be too unsafe to drive, due to all the rust), and use Earl Burner Civic for Fall Failiage if I don't have another project car for the summer.  (I have ideas, but the economy isn't in a place where I can dump a lot of money on anything.)

I booked the rooms a few months ago for RMB. Only the Casper stays are below $100. Hotel rates have gone insane the past two years.

Before and after the rally:   Super 8 by Wyndham Casper West by the River
Idaho Falls:  Best Western Driftwood Inn
Missoula: Super 8 by Wyndham Missoula/Reserve St.
Bozeman: Super 8 by Wyndham Belgrade/Bozeman Airport


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