Topic: Arse-Freeze '23 @ Sonoma Raceway - Entry List & Tech Times

Californians coming through with an awesome field:

* The Return of Scrubby/Crazy Mike's Beetle
* The Return of The Hasselhoffs' Paseo
* The Return of Rancho de Llama
* The Return of Cerveza Racing
* F***in' Buttercup
* STELLANTIS Superstars: Bernal Dads' Dajiban, a PT Cruiser from Denver, and the Dodge Colt, and of course Faster Farms' Belvedere's 15th Anniversary race.
* What I assume is a base-model '97 Taurus
* Anton's Volvo V2.0
* Should also be the 30th race for both Fiero Libre and Half-Life's Miata & the 25th race (at least) for Hella Shitty's Subaru-Beetle

(Probably easier to see via Excel)

Tech Times are posted here and on the event page. You can also find the garage assignments here

Eric Rood
Everything Bagel, 24 Hours of Lemons