Topic: NOLA Paddock Party, Parade, and Potluck

I am THRILLED to announce that a veritable supergroup of teams have banded together to give NOLA the paddock party it deserves, all in the name of Lemons of Love.

Escape Velocity, Braking Bad, and The Vannonball are bringing the festivities on Saturday night, and we hope you'll join us.

The Vannonball will be bringing the Krewe Deis Gleaux theme, brightening up the paddock with as much color as we can manage and hosting a dixieland kazoo parade with very ecumenical entry qualifications (we're going to be actively recruiting all weekend. If you can hum, you're in).  If you can't dodge the parade, just hop on in. Maybe you'd like to be the king or queen Deis Gleaux- there will be a throne, up for purchase for especially generous donations to Lemons of Love.

Braking Bad is leveraging their numbers and skill to provide the makings of an ample Seafood boil. Please consider this potluck rules- they're going to bring the main, so bring a side, dessert, or beverages to support.

Escape velocity has been tasked with entertainment, and they're bringing the heat with a live band. It's New Orleans, and you can't have a party without live music! 

We're announcing this earlier than usual so that you can PLAN TO COME!  Get excited, stash a few dollars away for the donation box, and join in the fun- establish NOLA as the best race in the series for a good time, show those east coast yankees in three pedal mafia that we, too, know how to party.

Lemons of Love is a charity that provides care and support to people going through cancer treatment and long hospitalizations. Team Vannonball is attempting to make every race on the schedule this year to raise money in honor of my mom, the original owner of the van and who passed in 2022 with Lymphoma.

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Re: NOLA Paddock Party, Parade, and Potluck

Sounds excellent. Thank you to Escape Velocity, Braking Bad, and The Vannonball!

Hopefully I can slum it with a donation of cash and some zapp's voodoo.

Re: NOLA Paddock Party, Parade, and Potluck

The hobos of Big Rock Candy Mountain Racing will be checking window ledges of farmhouses in the area in order to find some freshly baked pies set out to cool.  We'll bring what we find to the paddock party. Since we're in NOLA, there's a good chance we'll find at least a couple of pecan pies.

Re: NOLA Paddock Party, Parade, and Potluck

Half Fast Racing will be there, and will bring enough bbq meatballs to redline everyone's cholesterol tests.