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If you had the ear of some high ranking muckety-muck at Turn 10, what would be the roster of your ideal car pack?  Here's mine:

1. Ford CVPI
2. Toyota Corolla FX16
3. Ford Taurus SHO
4. Pontiac Fiero
5. Nissan Sentra SE-R
7. Alfa Romeo Milano
8. Ford Pinto
9. Volvo 740
10. Jaguar XJ6

Honorable Mentions:
Type Four Chassis(Saab 9000/Alfa 164/Fiat Croma/Lancia Thema)
Mazda GD/E Platform(Mazda MX6/626/Ford Probe)
Saturn SL
2nd gen Honda Prelude

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Would be sweet to see some air cooled VW's mixed in there somewhere.

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Anything with a V12
Anything with a slant 6
Anything with a straight-8
Anything with a 273
Anything with a 318
Anything with a 340
Anything with a 360

Supercharged GM 3.8
No E30s
No Miatas


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Will the cars be themed? If so, Wiener mobile and other favorites should be in the mix. Along with the 928 "Estate" of course.

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Jalopnik has the ear of Turn 10, so perhaps I'll pose this question to the readership and see what happens.

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it'd be impossibly to narrow it down to just 10!

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OK, get over there and post your lists! I decided to expand the concept from "Lemons cars" to "cars that we'd like to see in Lemons in our most serious mescaline-overdose hallucinations."