Topic: Live feed this weekend?

Anybody know if TrackGeeks will be filming in Reno?

I wasted an entire weekend watching CMS online and now I'm hooked up with a group of guys to go racing.  We are trying to get a car ready for the Lamest Day this fall.

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Re: Live feed this weekend?

Unfortunately there will be no "official" live feed, but several teams have been threatening to do their own. Anyone? Bueller?

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Re: Live feed this weekend?

Though we won't have a feed, I am going to be trying out a new application on my Tmobile G1 that does laptimes & telemetry.  It will 'Twitter' the laptime info in (near) real time.  Could be boring, could be cool, might not even work, who knows. is our 'twit' or whatever you call it.

Re: Live feed this weekend?

When I get up to the track today, I'm bringing a laptop with a 3G wireless card and will be seeing just what kind of signal I can get for streaming/updating online, etc.  I may be able to share out the signal over WiFi if I can find a place to set the sucker up.  From what I hear though, the electrical situation is pretty pathetic.  And my laptop's WiFi card isn't all that strong for sharing things out.

Figure if I can't race, I can at least try and be a helpful sort of spectator.