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I'l rehost the pics just in case:

This is a sweet custom 1973 Dodge van with extension and tandem axle.

motor and frame done by race car builder,

tires are newer, nice slotted alum mags.

318 V* good gas mileage and power, cruises at 70MPH.

This is a party van , seats 14 comfortably

party van , limo, grocery getter.

side pipes, electric door poppers.

I am planning on redoing body and paint this winter, price will jump up after that... or I can have that done cheap for you.

interior can be as is or finish with your style and taste.

This van turns alot of heads.

trade for Atv's, Harley, not a sportster, vehicle that is cool, or anything else that you can think of,


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G.L.C.O.A.T. tow vehicle!
Sure, turning circle = Connecticut, but it's somehow cooler than it should be.

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Freakin AWSOME but I guess it sold! Not listed anymore

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That is totally sweet.  What was the price?  "Tow vehicle for the glcoat" was my first thought too.

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