Re: version 3.0: The MR2 gets a gas turbine engine (Project Outline)

As with similar units the engine suffers a number of limitations in terms of endurance and is intermittently rated.

From my experience (and what I've learned chatting with jet mechs) that means it's only supposed to be used to start larger engines, and running times longer than that will cause serious wear and tear.


Re: version 3.0: The MR2 gets a gas turbine engine (Project Outline)

but if you look around you find plenty of examples of people using them on experimental aircraft. like this one:

more links: … llage1.jpg

there are tons of examples out there. most don't say anything. but the ones that do talk about adding an external accessory drive, more oil capacity and oil cooling so it may or may not be a good idea, but durability is not one of the reasons to shoot it down.

the really neat thing that has me excited is that i could do this without a pony motor. it could be all jet power (but i would need more than one). it's quoted at a 0RPM torque of 300lb*ft.

and it makes 90-100hp @3300RPM (depending on the source, i suspect 90hp is the rating at some altitude and 100hp is at sea level) so that means 150lb*ft of torque at the output shaft.

it could save me the cost of a gasoline engine, a 2nd transmission, a gear reduction box and lots of custom fabrication. so it's certainly worth considering. and i could also resell my current engines. or sell one and make the other one into a judge mobile go-kart for the paddock.

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Re: version 3.0: The MR2 gets a gas turbine engine (Project Outline)

I spent a bunch of time doing some reading and talking to people that have used these motors yesterday and i've come to the conclusion that this is a very good idea.

I've also put a bit more thought on simplifying things a bit to have a more successful project.

i think the current plan is as follows:

1)keep the pony motor idea with the 5 speed manual transmission and the AWD transfer case to send extra power to the rear differential.
2)use the volvo JType Overdrive i have sitting here as a lightweight 2 speed electronically shifted transmission 1:1 and 0.79:1  (configured to shift to high gear when the turbine reaches 98% automatically)
3)use a boat v-drive to rotate the power and allow for a final gear ratio tweaking
4)use *ONE* JFS100 turbine

control strategy for now will be an on/off switch and a "GO-BABY-GO" button that will ramp the turbine to 100%

once that setup is proven to work i'll see about buying a 2nd JFS100 turbine and integrating it.

so, that said, if anyone wants one or two Tiernay TT-10 turbines i have a pair for sale smile

Re: version 3.0: The MR2 gets a gas turbine engine (Project Outline)

Just started the turbine overhaul class at school. Found out what happens if the instructor doesn't keep a firm grip on a red rag while troubleshooting the tourquemeter tap right under the compressor inlet during run tests on an Allison 250.

You have to disassemble the the compressor and combustion chamber to look for red lint. And from the pile of lint they pulled out, minus the faintly red cloud that emanated from the exhaust when it happened, I think a turbine engine is where red rags go to multiply.


Re: version 3.0: The MR2 gets a gas turbine engine (Project Outline)

Sorry about the false start, i've started a new thread with the proper motor here: … 94#p183794