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The cover on this manual is awesome.  It almost makes me want a bug.

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Ha-ha-ha! That's a great book! My hippy aunt gave me her old copy in the 80s when I bought a 59 Baja Bug. Good thing too. VWs were so bass-ackwards from everything I thought I knew at the time. "Where is the damn oil filter? My windshield washer don't work, and the spare tire keeps going flat.... Hey, what's this tube?"

Helped me figure out where those parts went that tend to fall off after doing what Bajas do best. Yes, I mean driving down the street with 2 tires on the sidewalk! Watching your passenger bouncing up and down, up and down...

Ah... good times. Thanks Docta!

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Here's my first Beetle. Bought in when I was 17, for $50, adding it to my $113 '67 GTO and $50 '69 Toyota Corona. You can't see the Type III engine sticking out like a big shelf, fan whirling menacingly at tailgaters, in this photo.