Re: Mustang II hub compatibility?

I bought four ball joint mounting plates this evening, and yesterday I bought 4 K5208 ball joints from RockAuto. Total bill? About $35. A dirt-track racer friend is willing to help me weld them in, because I don't trust my welding for crucial suspension parts.

Re: Mustang II hub compatibility?

For anyone who's interested in putting an 11" '87 Mustang GT rotor on a Mustang II spindle, swap the inner race with a Timken L68116 and it's a bolt-on.*

* I haven't actually bolted it on yet, but the bearings fit and it's looking good. Note that you'll have to change your caliper bracket.

Re: Mustang II hub compatibility?

I put the pieces together yesterday evening and they fit great. The bracket for mounting a GM caliper works just fine with the 4-lug rotor. It is a grind-to-fit because it's made for use with circle track 10* spindles.

I had use some emery cloth on the spindle to get the bearing on, and tonight I'm going to try and get the other spindle cleaned up. The GM ball-joints don't look like they're going to work with the Mustang II spindle though.

Re: Mustang II hub compatibility?

The tapered hole in the spindle may be just to small. They make tapered reamers for doing this. There are generally 2 different tapers used on American cars. Can't help you on which to use though.

Re: Mustang II hub compatibility?

Tapered hole in the spindle is too large. I'll have to get bigger ball joints, and from what I hear, Mustang IIs and Dodges have 7* tapers while GMs have 10* tapers, so it might be a good thing to go ahead and switch now.

Greased the bearings and installed them and the seal. Put the nut and washer on it and did a final grind on the caliper bracket. Put it all together and found I have 1/4" play. The outer bearing doesn't seat all the way down. The distance between the bearings is different between the MII and the 5.0. It looks like I'll have to have the spindle turned down a bit after all. Ugh.

So I gave up and tried getting a rear hub off the Jaggernaut so I could put longer studs in. It hasn't moved in a couple of years, so the hub was rusted up.

Hot outside. Decided air conditioning was a good thing.

Re: Mustang II hub compatibility?

Found this thread looking for something else.

How did you make out with this?   I did mine not seeing this post, and with mine I decided to open up the inside of the inner bearing and leave the spindle alone.  I had the same issue with the spacing, but machine bushings to take up the gap and the only other thing was to use my map gas to heat up the bearing caps then elongate them to accommodate the 'longer' spindle.  Also, my rotors were used and turned down a little to make room on the caliper side.


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