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Topic: New Hampshire pics

Hi folks!

Had another awesome weekend alternately getting drenched, freezing my proverbials off and being fed beer and pasta by the 26 Alfa guys (thanks again for the hospitality).

I went a bit mad with the camera and shot somewhere north of 70gb worth of images. I was kinda shooting for coverage and trying to get every car on the track (often many, many times).  NHMS is a bit of a bastard to shoot at and I spent most of the time shooting through a chainlink fence.

First lot is from day 2 oddly enough. It's a lot to troll through but I hope there's something for everyone:


Day 1 pics are here. More will be added to this one over the next day or so but they're mostly similar to the day 2 pics, only greyer:


....and finally the last gallery of pics that I never got around to editing:


Coupla pics:









And finally Team Lazarus having a bit of a moment through turn one during the rain on Saturday, pity I didn't get it in focus:




As always if anyone would like to use these please feel free. Credit is appreciated if it's for winternet use: Ben Booy.

If anyone would like the high res version just shoot me a PM.

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Awesome thank you!

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Good photos,  I remember seeing you on the fence coming onto the front straight.

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mully006 wrote:

Good photos,  I remember seeing you on the fence coming onto the front straight.

Having cars passing almost directly underneath me by the wall was a new experience. I'm still waiting for the hearing in my right ear to return!

Day 1 gallery is up! Bits of it anyway......

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Thanks again Ben, some great pics of our car!

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Last gallery of pics is up. Mostly a lot of extra shots from early day one and the end of day two that I never got around to editing:


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Awesome photos!