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Does anyone know it's getting your harness recertified by the manufacturer satisfy the requirements in 3.F.2.a?

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Re: Harness Recertification

Same old refrain, check with Jay or John Pagel if you are unsure.
With that said, I had a set of Crow belts rewebbed by Crow.
They put a new SFI tag on it with the new webbing. Good to go.

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Re: Harness Recertification

Some companies will re-web and throw a new tag on them, some companies will not. You will need to contact the company that made yours and ask.

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Re: Harness Recertification

The companies that recertify tend to replace metal parts that are worn, and the webbing and then put a new tag on it.  The tag is the date that they go by in tech so it will pass, and since anything that needed to be replaced has been replaced its practically a new belt anyway.

Not all companies recertify though so depends on what brand you went with.

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