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Buy your next Lemons Race car! Or Not!
The thing is I had a friend who worked for these guy until the Feds caught up with the owners. The week they shut down he planned on quitting  to go back work for a former employer.

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Estimated Value is only $10-15K
- Sure, there's no engine and I don't see much in the way of suspension but there's still some kind of fancy ass transaxle and steering wheel in the chassis. Think of what you can do with all those knobs!
- There's also some kind of graffiti behind the drivers head. Assholes.
- Fabricate an adapter plate and dominate with a $300 Honda V6!
- While a turbocharger has already done it, imaging taking a real chassis from Lemans to Lemons in <8 years (might run afoul of rule 2.1 though. One can dream)

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