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Topic: Rookie #77 takes out the #9 Mystery Machine in Turn 5 NJMP 2017

Was great to see everyone and do some great racing despite the crazy conditions on Saturday! Missed seeing the 230 and the 35, hope to see you guys back again soon! Shout out to the all of those who went door-to-door all weekend without a mishap. Had some great laps with the 99, 106, 199, 69, 888, 945, and many others. Two thumbs down to the overzealous #77 Rookie (I'm referring to the stupidity of the driving not necessarily his number of races) who destroyed our car early Sunday morning. We gave up positions to him repeatedly for two laps as a result of his erratic driving. We finally had a chance to pass him with miles of distance to spare between turns 2 and 3, and he decided to give us a full throttle T-bone to the right rear wheel as we were going through turn 5. Hit us so hard and direct that it broke our wheel and bent our sub-frame beyond repair.


We were in 3rd at the time, he was in 82nd...what a shame...put us on the trailer at 10am. Congrats to all those who made it to the finish and hope to see everyone in Thompson!

Re: Rookie #77 takes out the #9 Mystery Machine in Turn 5 NJMP 2017

Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about this. I've learned over the years in racing with the Mystery Machine that when I hear the whistle of the turbo coming up from behind to get out of the way. The Mystery Machine drivers are consistently fast, predictable, and clean.

Hope to see your crew at Thompson!

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Re: Rookie #77 takes out the #9 Mystery Machine in Turn 5 NJMP 2017

That sucks.  You guys always drive clean and the car was the nicest "lemon" I've seen.

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Re: Rookie #77 takes out the #9 Mystery Machine in Turn 5 NJMP 2017

M/M, sorry, I did not know that happened to you.

I loved hearing that car come up behind, and the blue/green blur that went by, over and over and over.....

Hope the car is repairable, and looking forward to seeing you in CT.


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Re: Rookie #77 takes out the #9 Mystery Machine in Turn 5 NJMP 2017

Man this video gets two thumbs down to the 77. I was out on track with you guys during and a little before this (the 101 RUSEFI Miata green with Red roof). We had a great few laps together. I also witnessed some of the "subpar" driving from the 77. Quite scary to tell the truth, it was being extremely over driven Sunday morning. Glad that everyone was ok. Hope to see you out at Thompson with a 100% Operational car. As for the 77, not so much.

Remember it is always the Overtaking Driver's responsibility to make a clean safe pass. I'm sorry this happened to you guys, the past 3 races I have done, your team has always done clean safe passes on track.

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Re: Rookie #77 takes out the #9 Mystery Machine in Turn 5 NJMP 2017

#35 SFPR here....we definitely missed racing with everyone at NJMP this year. Life events got in our way (3 guys on the team are getting married this summer, so it's a busy season for us, plus inspection of our motor revealed a broken main cap)

Sorry to see you guys get taken out like that! You always drive super cleanly, as evidenced by how clean and straight your car is/was.

Hope you get it put back together and we'll see you in Thompson!

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Re: Rookie #77 takes out the #9 Mystery Machine in Turn 5 NJMP 2017

I was watching the video and couldn't see that car in the side view mirror. I am not sure where they even came from.I hope you can get her back and running. I love the Mystery Machine!

I am not going to say someone did something dumb or malicious because we don't know if there was a mechanical failure. Unfortunately, I've been behind the wheel when the brakes went away or something like that and it was luck that I didn't hit anyone.

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