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Topic: Aqua Volvo - Coby Teller

Hi fellow Lemons racers.

Many of you racing on the west coast know of the Aqua Volvo. http://www.autoblog.com/2016/03/22/24-h … -club-usa/

One of the drivers of that car, Colby Teller was in a serious motorcycle accident last weekend and is currently still in ICU.

Good thoughts are very much appreciated.

His friends have set up a local food service to help his wife and the family deal with this by not having to worry about cooking. If you would like to contribute, see below.


Appreciate your help and good thoughts.


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Re: Aqua Volvo - Coby Teller

Wow, it didn't take long to fund that!   I wonder if they deliver to the hospital?  smile

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