Topic: 1981 Toyota Corolla Tercel

After fits and starts over the last few years, I'm progressing again on getting the Tercel (aka, 'Tojo', 2009 BABE Rally-er roadworthy again, and then Lemons-worthy.

A while back, Judge Phil suggested a parts car for some reason (easier to swap front hubs with whole strut attached was the reasoning, I think, since they're the 'captured rotor' type), and I thought that was a good idea.  Turned out eventually it was!  I was freaked out by seeing rust holes in the rear suspension arms when loading Tojo on a trailer some time ago, and got some replacement arms from CA via Row52.  ( … s-junkyard)

Then the parts car showed up, and I thought I could swap many rusty parts out of Tojo with parts car parts.  WRONG!  Anything brake line related or rear suspension was not great either, except for the rear beam the suspension pieces attach to.  It wasn't perfect, but far better and repairable as opposed to the one from Tojo (Tojo's was very scary).

After getting the beam out from the parts car, I thought I'd just swap it all, without replacing the arms to save time and effort, since the bolts didn't want to come out to remove the arms.  Out of curiosity, I smacked the arms with heavy hammer and was shocked when I made holes! … erbduw.jpg

New arms on 'new' beam: … qh3uin.jpg

Two Tercels (gray car is parts car, white is Tojo): … a8mhxx.jpg

But, I put the beam with the arms in the car today, got one brake hose attached.  Most annoying thing to do is remake rear brake lines,  I started over the winter, but haven't finished.  Then, of course, there is getting Alyssa Milano running again.

Losing in the Midwest since 2012 (seems like I've been a loser for longer than that, though).

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