Topic: Private Track day at Buttonwillow invite

Hello fellow Lemons, this is Jeff from Immobile 1 Racing (formally a Shark). I'm reaching out to let you guys know I'm putting together a private track day at Buttonwillow next Monday and have 5 to 6 open spots left for those who would like to attend with either street or track car (there will be a combination of both). At the moment, there are 18 of us. Some from the B-Team and pretty much everyone from Faustest.
Currently, the price of admission is $400 but that will drop if we get a handful more people interested in joining. We will be there all day from 8am - 5pm and will be running the largest version of the track with NO run groups. It's point to pass so no mad, wheel to wheel racing - sorry too many nice street cars for that.
Please call or shoot me a text at 310.922.7417 if you're interested. Thanks! Jeff