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Topic: SF/Sacramento Area Beerfest and crapcan meet this Saturday!

Howdy Lemons people, Team Camel Toe is hosting a Flocktoberfest party and get together for local crapcan racers and those interested in our racing thing.  TCT runs Faster Farms Ranch in Knightsen/Oakley.  We've got 7 acres for our racing habit that we share with several local teams.   We finally let some of our friends talk us into opening the property up for a big party and get-together.  We'd love to see as many Lemons teams and cars as we can get. 

We've got a handful of Lemons teams bringing their cars out, I/O Port racing supplies will have their retail trailer open for sales as well as providing safety demonstrations for fire systems, live music by Barbwire (http://www.barbwirecountry.com/) beer and food trucks, swap meet (if you've got racecars and/or parts you want to move, feel free to add to the swap meet) and lots of like-minded folks.  The 24 Hours of Lemons, LuckyDog Racing League, Pyrotect and I/O port have all donated quality prizes for the raffle and proceeds go to support the local Brentwood 4-H group.  There's chickens and other farm animals for the kids to play with as well.

This is a family event and will be public from 1 -6pm. After 6pm we're partying.  We've got to drink all the beer so we'll party into the night.  Octoberfest attire highly encouraged! Please, bring your racecars (not required but a plus)and come out to Faster Farms this Saturday and join the party. 

If you're in the area, please come by and check it out.  We have social media announcement, directions, etc.  here:  https://www.facebook.com/Flocktoberfest1/

TCT Performance & Racing, LLC
Faster Farms Ranch, Knightsen, CA

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Re: SF/Sacramento Area Beerfest and crapcan meet this Saturday!

The Tinyvette will be there! Unfortunately my lederhosen are still at the cleaners.