Topic: Need help bad and MSR

Our welder could not finish our cage and we are in dire need of one.  We will be at the track this morning throwing ourselves at the mercy of someone who has a welder and can weld.  We figured we already paid the entry fee and everything else, lets take a chance and see what happens.  If you are out there and can help, you can contact me at 281-723-0817.  Thank you is not near enough.  I know we can feed you Saturday if you would like.  We are desperate.

281-723-0817, ask for Mongo

Skip "Mongo" L.
Team DadBod

Re: Need help bad and MSR

This happens moderately often in the Midwest and there are always more than one machine and at least one will qualified individual.  Just make sure you have ALL your bits and pieces plus lots of willingness to be a goffer/parts holder, etc.