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Topic: TPMS tire, stem changes: what's up....?

I have a 2006 Honda Pilot, 320K mi, works fine, "Check Engine" (AKA "Check Wallet") light has been on for years, and we don't care, with over a dozen codes, and the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) light on for years too, with all tires fine....

I needed a new tire mounted and a new stem...I ruined the old stem with these "screw on" stem caps with a pressure sensor...So I took the tire/rim off the car and took it to my mechanic.

My local mechanic (honest guy, often saves me time and money).... said due to federal regulations, he could not mount the new tire, he would need to install a new TPMS, he could not change it over to a regular rubber stem, and would need the car in the shop to reprogram the TPMS...so over $75 for installation...??!!

What's up?!

I tried looking up the regulations, and seems like I am not the only one who can't make sense of this...I just need a new tire on the rim with a new stem, and s-----w the malfunctioning TPMS system

BJs was also giving me grief about all my tires being different brands, and would not sell/mount a tire for me....so I just purchased one, and walked out with it....


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Re: TPMS tire, stem changes: what's up....?

Quote the exact law/regulation or I'm calling bullshit. TPMS is not a regulated thing -- cars don't have to have them.

Hell, I just had two 6yo tires mounted -- one with a gash nearly through it. (I mounted two. Couldn't get the other two to stretch enough with my junk tire machine.) [for "off road" use only -- rallycross. the one's that were on it are 8-9yo]

[edit: here's a plan... take 'em the wheel with no TPMS shit anywhere near it.]

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Re: TPMS tire, stem changes: what's up....?

Your mechanic is bullshitting you. I've gotten tires mounted on my DD one at a time with absolutely no TPMS sensors on any wheel (previous owner installed cheap aftermarket wheels with no sensors), and a dash indicator light blaring the whole time.

I finally ordered a new set of wheels for that car from TireRack with tires and TPMS sensors installed. On a GM, you can reprogram the car for new sensors by yourself. No magic dealer tools or expensive shop time required. Different marques may vary.

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Re: TPMS tire, stem changes: what's up....?

Just find a used tire place in a low rent neighborhood next to a bunch of buy here pay car lots.  $10 mounted, balance, stem...probably a $2-4 disposal fee if you leave the old tire with them.  You will know the good one because you will have to wait  to get a "bay" in the asphalt slab out front but once in, it will take all of 10-15 minutes max...and no one will speak English as a native tongue (customers and employees alike).

FYI, if you car this little about the car in question, buy your tires there in the future.  Almost new take-offs are pretty common and they always let you inspect the tire (I just check the date code).  For the Volvo they tended to be about $35 each mounted and balanced and for the truck about $50.

Re: TPMS tire, stem changes: what's up....?

You guys were right...thanks for the suggestion
I just got it mounted for $30 with a new stem

I think my usual mechanic was just confused and scared off by the confusing law, and what I read "FEDERAL REGULATIONS, PUNISHABLE, ETC."

I read up about this whole deal, and it is poorly written legislation that is basically not really enforceable and open to interpretation, impractical, and easy to avoid...basically a bunch of useless politicians trying to justify their existence by making up new laws

This clarified it a bit:

https://isearch.nhtsa.gov/files/11-0039 … 20138).htm

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