Topic: Any Friendlies in Amarillo?

There's a car in Amarillo (not a Lemons car but quite lemony) that I bought sight unseen and am a little nervous that they may sell it twice over after my money orders arrive. Would make me feel more at ease if some neutral third party could take possession of it until I could come up with a plan to get it to California.

It's a non-runner, but it's sorta a micro car so fits on a harbor freight 4x8 utility trailer. Sorta. Under 1000lbs so easy to move.

Re: Any Friendlies in Amarillo?

can you call a Tow Company in town , send them the $$$$ and extra cash to pick it up  plus a good tip ?

Re: Any Friendlies in Amarillo?

Bump. This thing is sitting there paid for and I can't get a shipper who is anything close to reasonably priced right now for some reason and my travel schedule til after Gingerman is pretty booked and then I'll need time to start over / come up with Plans C & D.