Re: Thoughts on Tow Rig/RV (AKA why don't more people have Ambulances?)

I know I'm posting on an old thread.  I just want to set the record straight.

I have an 02 e350 ambulance with the 7.3

Work van crammed full of carpentry tools

Average over 14mpg

Easy to maintain

I can slap the turbo with the dog house off.  Bellows,ebpv pedestal, and all bolts accessible.

Front and rear air bags.  Handles better than econoline, Express vans I have owned before.

6 position chip, large cone air filter clamped to intake boot(air box removed), straight through muffler, resonator removed.

5lbs of boost cruising at 70mph

Such a delight! Super fun out running most hondas and, SUVs.

9 grand purchase price
Front end suspension components replaced(wear items) nothing too crazy to speak of in the cost of ownership. 

Recently had 4000# of flooring loaded,  and the motor seemed to not even care. I can't imagine riding would be a problem with the ridiculous over kill drivetrain coolers, and rear end.

Note: axle torque specs are tricky.  Get your numbers and specialty tools before you start playing with brakes and bearings.

I'm a flooring installer, and a terrible mechanic.