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Would something like this setup fly for a Lemons fuel cell? … ner=SREPD5

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Can't see why it would not.

3.H.4 Fuel Cell Installation.  If you decide to install a fuel cell, it must be securely mounted in a professional manner and must be installed in a safe location where it won’t be damaged in an impact or drag on the ground if the car leaves the track – in other words, not too far back, and not too low down. All aftermarket fuel components must use threaded fittings and appropriate hose types, and must include all appropriate racecar-quality vents, valves, and other safety features. Fuel-cell installations will be judged on their overall execution and apparent safety.

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Re: Holley fuel cell module

Cap was the only thing that bugged me I guess. Have to try it in one of my other cars.