Topic: Sonoma - SF State journalism students seeking video story

In 2016 I took the photos for a classmate's race story, but I don't have enough posts here to include a link.

This time a classmate and I are looking for a team or driver that's interested in a video story.

Within a 1-2 hour drive of the Bay Area, we are looking to document some race prep this week, the race weekend, and then a bit of returning to normal life after the race.  The biggest impact to you would be about 30 minutes of sit-down, on camera interview time before race day to get to know you, then we'll stay out of your way.  Even better if there is an interesting contrast between your day job and the race weekend.

The finished product will be a 5-7 minute video suitable for YouTube/Vimeo and a 1 minute teaser suitable for social media, posted by Dec. 20.

We are flexible and will make it as easy as possible for you.  We are open to providing you with an alternative cut or video unrelated to the story if it meets your needs.

Brian Churchwell