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Topic: weather pack OEM applications?

Because I am too cheap. Are there any junk yard donors for weather pack connectors?

Like these ones more or less

For example I know GM MAP sensor uses 3 pin male side. Where is 3 pin female side use? What about 4 pin?

Re: weather pack OEM applications?

Pretty much any 90s and up GM car is littered with them. GMT400 Pickup trucks have male and female flat 4 pins under the back of the bed where a trailer light harness can be added without cutting into the wiring, I'm pretty sure it's a weather pack and not a regular trailer plug if i remember right.

Re: weather pack OEM applications?

Right, /ex.: Hopkins makes a trailer connector which plugs in-line into it.

Re: weather pack OEM applications?

Getting properly setup to make weather pack connectors is kinda life changing.  Not sure how much you like scouring junkyards but this kit is worth it just for the connectors.

https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-crimp … GgEALw_wcB

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Re: weather pack OEM applications?

I know a lot of people love the compound ratchet crimps for open connectors, but I find these to work much better especially in tight areas.


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