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Anybody in New England running a Pontiac Aztek I got one great body unknown mechanical issue 860-770-3662

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Its mechanical condition is 90% known.  The 4T65E is either blown or has 6 laps in it but depending on the year the engine is fine.  Under race conditions it will destroy one or both front hubs (first race and everyone after).  All the electrical stuff that does not matter for Lemons will be flaky.  The alternator and/or starter will shell itself by end of race day one if by some miracle you are still running.

So in short, perfect for Lemons.

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perfect for a straight-8 mid-engine swap with 944 transaxle.

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I have personally raced(drove on a race track) one of these out on the west coast with Pit crew Revenge, I went out early to help prep the vehicle. use good front hubs, replace all the brake pads with good pads(autozones best) replace all the fluids, run 1 qt Lucas in the engine with normal oil, use a friction modifier in the trans fluid. use Douglas performance tires from Walmart. replace the radiator and the hoses has they are a pain in the ass and much easier if you have a lift, would be fun at the track though!(not really). these were all the things we done prior to the race and we ran pretty flawlessly. and took home the IOE by 7 seconds! this is a fun platform if you are not looking to go fast but have fun and dominate c class. please make sure you leave the radio in and have the Disturbed album on repeat for all driver! search up Aztek Video 24 hours of Lemons for our short video. or my you-tube channel is stangman4ever

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