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I just wanted to send a shout out to Tetanus Racing for stepping up and cleaning up someone else's mess after the Barber race.

The Barber track and facilities are top notch and I want to race there again!

We all got a chastising email from HQ:

Hey, Barber racers:

Thanks to most of you for a great Barber weekend, and congrats to the award winners. I say "most," because we're not as excited about the team or teams that left their crap (which may or may not include an ENTIRE BMW ENGINE BLOCK) in the paddock after the race.

Understandably, Barber was not thrilled about this--in their words, doing things like that "makes it hard for tracks to want to invite Lemons back." Fortunately for everyone who wants to continue to race at Barber, Tetanus Racing stepped in at the last minute and threw the engine and other assorted detritus in their own trailer and hauled it off the premises. So, give Tetanus a thanks next time you see 'em! In the meantime, please try to remember a few simple rules:

1. Don't leave your crap in the paddock after the race
2. If you made a sketchy handshake deal to give your engine to another team, it's up to you to make sure they're actually going to take it
3. Don't agree to haul away an engine, and then not do it
4. If you tell Jay that you made a sketchy handshake deal and he told you it was not going to work and that a BMW engine block would be left in the paddock after the race, LISTEN TO HIM

Also, Barber pointed out that several teams were not off the grounds by the 7pm deadline listed on the schedule. While two hours after the checkered flag should be more than enough time to get outta there, we're happy to throw the checkered earlier--but we assume that you guys would rather just pack up quicker as opposed to limiting the track time. Please keep that in mind for next time.

Engine blocks aside, it was another great weekend filled with great people--we'll see y'all at the next one.

Lemons HQ

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Re: Barber after race email from HQ...

would love to know the culprit.... then we can key his sh*t.... smile

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